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After a near-proverbial seven year hiatus, Ambrosia Parsley is releasing her long-promised solo album, Weeping Cherry. Parsley’s old band, Shivaree, proved to be an international critical and commercial success which sold half a million records, scored a couple of hits, including Good Night Moon, which was featured in the credits of Tarantino Kill Bill 2. On Weeping Cherry, Ambrosia picks up where she left off with Shivaree, using the same producers – Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez aka The Elegant Too (Bob’s Burger, Yoko Ono, Ray Davies) and enlisting new and old contributors – Danny McGough, Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman), AA Bondy and Benjamin Biolay.

The songs of Weeping Cherry are, in Parsley’s words, “basically conversations with dead people”. The collection has inspired the deaths of a series of friends, bandmates, and relatives but the “album is more exorcism than exercise. Even though it’s such a dark one, I never had so much fun making a record.”

The result is a moody yet uplifting album, with lush arrangement that contrast layers of sounds, dissonance, classic guitar work and lyrical melodies

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