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Franco-American singer and composer Pierre de Gaillande grew up in Paris and Southern California, listening, among other things, to his dad’s extensive Brassens collection. Pierre went on to play in American indie bands – He moved to New York and played bass with the Morning Glories, played guitar with Vic Chestnut and toured Russia with his own band, Melomane. He has also worked as a film composer.

In the past couple of years, Pierre also rediscovered his dad’s record collection and developed a mild obsession with George Brassens. He has taken on the impossible task of translating Brassens’ songs, to pretty astonishing results.

The project has seen strong support from the extended family of Brassens admirers and former collaborators, including Joel Favreau, Brassens’ last guitarist, who has played a number of shows Pierre de Gaillande in France and the US.

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